Friday, March 4, 2011

Chicharito is just getting started

Chicharito makes at excellent impression at Old Trafford
Around this time last year I remember being rather obsessed with World Cup rosters. It had its ups and downs. There were big names that did not make the call for various reasons such as Ronaldinho with a "fitness" issue, David Beckham with the achilles injury and Charlie Davies with the horrible car crash that could have left him paralyzed just to name a few. However the roster that really caught my eye was that of Mexico's.

The Mexican national team had likes of Carlos Vela, an up-and-coming striker from Arsenal and Giovani Dos Santos, a Tottenham attacking mid-fielder and a product of  Barcelona's youth academy. These two already had World Cup experience winning the 2005 U-17 World Championship. However there was more to add, Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez was designated to play on that winning team however an injury left him watching from the stands shortly before the tournament. This didn't stop Chicharito from later securing his spot with his fellow team mates for the 2010 World Cup.

Chicharito played his heart out in the friendlies leading up to the tournament. He always had a strong desire for putting the ball in the back of the net and made sure to get opportunities to do just that by zipping into spaces to receive it. I remember one goal in particular in a friendly against New Zealand in which Hernandez seemed as if he had jumped on a trainer trampoline to reach the ball for the header into the net. I was amazed by his incredible hops and fluid natural ability to head the ball. This goal also caught the eye of those who regularly watch the beautiful game in comparing the header to the slam dunk of an NBA player.

At that point is when I knew Hernandez had arrived, he is the future of Mexican football. However little did I know he would also become a staple for the best know club in the world at Old Trafford. I remember watching the coverage of the signing on ESPN Deportes feeling thrilled, shocked, estactic, and just damn happy that this unknown player out of nowhere (Club Deportivo Guadalajara) signed with the super club that is Manchester United. This man is humble, he brought his entire family with him to Manchester. He's well spoken giving interviews in his second language fluently and does not let the sensation of being world class athlete get to his head.

Chicharito has the potential to become the next Hugo Sanchez given there's no major injury stumbles. He's also the future of the EPL unless a club such as Real Madrid puts up an offer he can't refuse, but I see that as unlikely. Sir Alex made a fine decision in picking up this natural talent before he came to the stardom of today.

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