Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pissed at the FA

So I took a couple videos of the Manchester United vs. Arsenal game. Sadly Arsenal lost a well contested game, but Chicharito was involved in both scoring transactions so I was happy with the result. VDS also made some top notch saves to keep Arsenal out of the name.

Anyway I'm not really mad just disgruntled that YouTube/The FA claimed a copyright on the next two videos. The reason? Now I can not enable them for revenue sharing which is a total bummer because anything that Chicharito is involved in gets a ton of views. I took them with my phone and they're off of Fox Soccer Channel.

Also I have a question for you guys. If I would have made a few comments/analysis on the video, would this have fallen under "educational purpose"; therefore allowing me to use copyrighted material? If anyone can answer this please leave a comment with an answer for me.

Here are the two goals/videos:

Fabio scores after ball deflects from Arsenal keeper after Chicharito heads the ball on goal. The play was set up by the twins Rafael and Fabio with Rooney setting up the key pass to Chicharito.

Wayne Rooney scores after ball centered in by Rafael to Chicharito bounces back for Rooney's easy goal.